Change Log

CIS CSAT Pro v1.2.0

CIS CSAT Pro Updates

  • Ability to visualize the Task Calendar
  • CIS Controls Framework is now mapped to PCI DSS v3.2.1 Framework
  • Ability to create Custom Tags tied to an Assessment Sub-Control
  • The Assessment Summary page can be filtered with multiple criteria including Custom Tags and other task properties
  • Discussions feature gives the ability to users to add comments to an Assessment Sub-Control
  • Ability to view the Assessment Event Log
  • Ability to upload your Organization Logo

CIS CSAT Pro v1.1.0

CIS CSAT Pro Updates

  • Ability to visualize your Organization Chart
  • CIS CSAT Pro can now export a Board Level Slides report
  • CIS Controls Framework is now mapped to NIST 800-53 Framework
  • Ability to see the Organization History Log
  • Email notification improvements including new notifications (for complete and send back actions) and more info included in notifications
  • Task Reminder feature to remind users when a task needs to be completed or validated
  • CIS CSAT Pro Installer updates including the ability to recognize and upgrade existing CSAT Pro installations on the machine
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the tool from running in an environment without an internet connection
  • Fixed a bug where the Task applicable toggle for one task could disable evidence file download/deletion actions for different tasks on the same page prior to reload.

Documentation Updates

  • Steps to Uninstall the tool in Windows and Linux
  • Additional Information on the CIS Controls Implementation Groups

CIS CSAT Pro v1.0.0

Initial Release